This year at NYC Blockchain Week, Liminal Media interviewed a few of the more interesting personalities walking around Consensus 2018. We sat down with Hartej Sawhney of the to discuss auditing, security, and steps toward a successful, regulated market.

Raising venture capital is no easy task–ask any Silicon Valley seasoned entrepreneur. In 2017, the fundraising process was turned on its head with the explosion of projects that utilized ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) as a method to raise financial backing. Dreamers and more conservative projects alike found new life and exuberance. Matthew Nolan, CEO of Menlo.One, is an ICO veteran looking at further disrupting the process with his latest project.

From the ticker tape to the order book, the ways in which we engage in markets have changed very little since the early days of the stock market. The crypto-markets are the markets of the future and the platforms we use will define our intuitions. James Andrew of Omega One talks about the history and gamified future of trading. 

The impact of blockchain extends well beyond the technology itself–its social power is just beginning to be seen at the edges of society. Alana Winter discusses the mindset at the core of blockchain technology, the core of which is fundamentally different from our perspective of traditional business. Abundance is the new normal. 

Talking about blockchain-technology is no easy task. "If we had a bitcoin" for all the times we struggled to explain it to our friends/family/ strangers at bars... Feel free to steal some lines from this video or from our upcoming blog post on different approaches to discussing the underlying technology of our ever-encroaching future.

An interview with Fennie Wang (from the ixo Foundation) discussing how to utilize blockchain-tech to streamline data management and fund impact projects. The core of all impact projects is the data as it drives the capital funding and investments. 

Check out the ixo Foundation and the ixo Protocol.