Blockchain Entrepreneurs: THE ICO

Matthew Nolan, CEO of MENLO ONE

Harrison Hines, Head of Token Foundry

Yonathan Parienti, Founder of Horyou

David Quateman, Director at Liminal Media


Matt Nolan: Blockchain is Freedom

Captured at Tokensky Japan 2018, Matthew Nolan takes us through the near future with blockchain at its core.

For more info on Matt's project: Menlo One

social good on blockchain

Blockchain entrepreneurs discuss social good use-cases and how the world is already shifting before our very eyes. 


Dan Bates, President and CEO, Impact PPA ( Twitter @ImpactPPA

Scott Picken, Founder and CEO, Wealth Migrate (
Twitter @WealthMigrate

Leah Collon-Butter, Co-Founder of ( Twitter @leah_cb
Twitter @intimate_io

Mark Jeffrey, Founder and CEO of Guardian Circle ( Twitter @markjeffrey

menlo One and the future of icos


Matthew Nolan and Richard Titus discuss Menlo One, a token market, built as a decentralized network with an added layer of social, communication, and automation features for the token economy.

Matthew Nolan
Twitter @menloone

Richard Titus
Twitter @RichardTitus

The Regulatory Climate & Puerto rico

Dominik Zynis, Co-Founder at the WINGS Foundation (
Twitter @wingsplatform

Miko Matsumura, Founder of EverCoin (
Twitter @mikojava

Christian Ferri, CEO of Blockstar (